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The role of Internal Mobility in retaining under-represented talent

Following the pandemic we have seen a significant increase in hiring in all sectors globally. Organisations are having to work extremely hard in order to hire the talent they need to support their business growth. The "Big Resignation" has also emerged in the same period, as talented individuals are now in demand and are making moves due to better career options, increased compensation and enhanced development opportunities (to name a few!). The attached report from Josh Bersin from 2021 outlines the emerging priority of internal mobility.

It's clear that the role of internal mobility has always been an important way to retain talent in an organisation, but increasingly we are seeing that it's being deployed in particular, to support the retention of diverse talent.

Instead of just hiring for the new role, organisations should be plotting the potential future roles, so that the new hires can see their potential progression in the business.  Technology plays an important role here as well - platforms have emerged eg. that can enable compelling and robust internal mobility programmes.  These platforms support employees to easily engage with internal jobs, link to development and training opportunities to support future moves, engage with short term gigs as well as mentoring opportunities.  Businesses are working hard to hire under-represented talent, these initiatives will help to retain them in their business.

On the 18th August we will be running a webinar exploring the role of internal mobility in enabling the retention of diverse talent. Please join us along with Eightfold, Morgan Stanley, Eaton and Groupon for what will be an excellent debate.  Follow this link to register for this session - 

AMS Knowledge Exchange - Internal Mobility

The New World of Talent Mobility - by Josh Bersin

Internal talent mobility has become a high priority. Not only do companies have many new projects to staff, but the process also reduces recruiting costs, gives hiring managers a new pool of candidates, and dramatically improves employee development.


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