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| 1 minute read

Gen Z attrition

There has been a theme emerging from recent discussions with EMEA clients. They have not yet seen the US level of ‘Great Resignation’ attrition across their organisations, but they are starting to see an unwelcome increase in the number of Gen Z/late Millennial leavers. The image above is from a drone video of my son and his friend crossing Crib Goch on Snowdon, which they described as totally awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time! They perfectly personify late millennials in their desire for adventure, travel and independence,

and a warning to us all….

as Covid lifts and freedoms are resinstated, we should be aware that this group of GenZers are all about “striking off on their own, pursuing their own individual paths” (GenZInsights). They’re highly self-reliant and independent. It makes complete sense then that a ‘one size fits all’ employer brand strategy is not going to work for this group. It will however be critical that GenZ managers really understand and embrace an individual’s motivations and aspirations and clear the way to them achieving their personal career goals whilst giving them the space and flexibility to pursue their personal adventures.

Gen Zers are all about striking off on their own, individual paths and succeeding by their own, personal metrics and definitions. They’re entrepreneurial. They’re highly self-reliant.


employer brand, candidate attraction, talent retention, early careers and campus, social mobility