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Great management is the key to employee retention

"People don't leave jobs, they leave managers" - new research demonstrates that this has never been truer, with over half of UK workers surveyed recently stating that they were seeking new opportunities due to their current manager. 

Whilst the benefits of hybrid and flexible working are understood for both workers (74% of employees agreed) and businesses (69%), the lack of face to face interactions has caused some disruption to relationships between managers and their teams.  With a lack of face to face meetings, increased working from home and a reported over-reliance on emails, managers need to adapt their style to suit the new ways of working.  Less than half of those surveyed were comfortable discussing personal issues with their manager. 

Great manager traits called out were treating people well (47%), listening to workers (47%) and showing respect to all members of staff (47%).

Face-to-face interactions and other natural moments to develop a rapport are fewer, so managers should look to enhance their toolkit with data and insights to better understand and anticipate employee needs.


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