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| 1 minute read

Becoming Relatable - unlocking our workforce challenges

Five trends are differentiating leading organisations this year, but being "relatable" is the thread that connects them all, new research from Mercer shows. 

  1. Building for employability - reskilling / upskilling to address organisational skills gaps. 
  2. Working in partnership - shifting the social contract. Team members want to work with you, not for you
  3. Delivering on total wellbeing - relatable organisations are offering personalised support to encourage healthy, rewarding and sustainable work behaviours
  4. Resetting for relevance - failure to identify and address unmet needs will "lose the ability to raise capital, attract and retain talent, and stay relevant"
  5. Harnessing collective energy - organisations are seeking to help employees discover what gives them joy while working

These trends are easy to talk about but more difficult to implement. They require both top-down and bottom-up action throughout an organisation, and likely will need a significant change in mindset. 

As talent acquisition professionals, we need every tool in the toolkit to ensure that we can support our businesses to hire and retain the best talent. To address these trends, we need to be talking about refreshing the EVP, assessment processes, redeployment, re-skilling, hiring manager education, and we need to take an active role in influencing the business and people strategy.

Relatable organisations are those that prioritise the "whole person" needs of their employees; they realise that values, partnership, wellness and energy "don't come at the expense of growth but, instead, create it"


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