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Making stay interviews work for you

Few organisations are untouched by the recent "Great Resignation" phenomenon. With an unprecedented focus on retaining the best talent, what are some of the tools available to get proper insights into what is keeping (and more importantly, repelling) your best and brightest?

Stay interviews are one of the interventions being used to capture lead data, and determine what is retaining your best talent. Investing in preparation, making your employees comfortable and asking targeted questions are key to success.

Of course, once the interview is finished that is when the real work starts as you look for how to improve your employee experience and respond to feedback. Providing insights to employees, sharing insights and comitting to practical change are all important building blocks of any retention planning process. 

A Gallup report found that in the three months before surveyed employees left their jobs, 51% said neither their manager nor any other company leader spoke with them about their job satisfaction or future with the organization.