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Elevating Employee Resource Groups for a modern workforce

One aspect of employee engagement that is getting a lot of attention these days is the concept of ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). Across Europe we have seen momentum gaining around the use of ERG’s in creating more inclusivity and community within progressive organizations. Companies around the world are setting up communities that are beneficial to both the organization and to their employees with an aim to help bridge the gap between work life and personal experiences. 

ERG’s have been known to create a sense of belonging for employees but do present a few challenges – such as apprehension around the time commitment, how to get them off the ground and monitor their adoption, value and impact. 

But the challenges aren’t reason to stop the progress. A well thought out ERG can be a great way to create a competitive edge, a stronger stance in market but most importantly, to champion employees as unique people and to create a sense of comfort and community in our teams.

Some of the things to consider as you embark on embedding or reintegrating ERGs into your organization in today’s tech-savvy world:

1. Is the choice to implement ERG’s the right fit for your company and company size? There are many ways to create more employee retention in your business. It’s important to ask this question and to thoughtfully consider how this could work.

2. Do you have the budget and resources to support the agenda you want to push? Executive buy-in is a key factor in the decision to roll-out ERGs. The momentum around these programs can get lost if every employee is managing it at the side of their desk. Well-funded, well-resourced, or even just well-thought out and strategically implemented ERGs is proven to be more successful.

3. Have you considered how technology is going to play a role in the design of your ERGs? Inspired by Affirmity's ERG Tech workbook (noted below), it's worth thinking about how technology will be incorporated into ERG plans. You could implement the likes of technology like Tableau to track events and participation, forecast and set goals, or use Yammer or alike tools to engage with one another. Or maybe you create online surveys to connect with employee needs or areas of interest, additionally you can look beyond just Zoom and Teams to create inspirational and stimulating ERG’s that draw people in and make them feel secure, connected, motivated and intrigued. 

How do you want to evolve as a business for your prospective workforce? How do you want to redefine your employer brand? It all begins with your brand values, the heart of your candidates/employees and staying in line with the modern day tech landscape.

We’re able to leverage those insights to show the organization that our ERGs, and our DE&I efforts more generally, are helping to reduce turnover, attract new talent, and develop talented people. This robust, real-time system of data drawn from all these different systems has been a real game changer for us as an organization. - Walé Soluade, Vice President, DE&I at Centene Corporatio


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