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Be the person someone wants to work for.

When speaking to clients over the last several months, one of the common themes has been “the market is going to turn soon, will people stay at my company?”  It's an important question, and a prime reason why our team is focusing on Talent, not just TA.  Employees are tired and burned out from taking on more responsibility as colleagues are laid off; negotiating with employers over WFH vs remote work; figuring out how to use an influx of new technology seemingly every single day.  Those clients that are focused on reskilling, internal mobility and employee engagement, will have the best retention success.

As a leader of people, creating a partnership with your HR organization and focusing on Talent not just talent acquisition, will help your business.  Take time to understand how your employees want to grow.  Understand what opportunities are available in other parts of the business and what skills are needed for the future success of your company.   Encourage your employees to network internal and learn ways to add new value to the organization.  Taking the time to hone your skills as a manager, will be a good return on investment for your people.

As the job market has cooled and companies are cutting costs, overworked and underserved employees can start to feel disconnected from the company’s mission or don’t see internal career growth on the horizon.


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