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Closing the skills gap

AMS's Americas Managing Director, Nicola Hancock, recently shared valuable insights on Bloomberg Businessweek Radio, delving into the dynamic landscape of the labor market and essential talent strategies for the upcoming year, 2024. In the discussion, Nicky outlined AMS's commitment to assisting companies in strategically adopting skill-based hiring and facilitating reskilling initiatives to address critical talent gaps in sought-after roles.

It's inspiring to see the paradigm shift in talent acquisition towards recognizing and valuing specific skills. 💼✨

🎯 Educating Candidates for Success

In my experience, empowering candidates to effectively showcase their skills is crucial. Here are a few insights on how candidates can optimize their profiles for the skills-driven landscape:

1️⃣ Be Specific and Quantify:

  • Encourage candidates to provide concrete examples of how they've applied their skills in past roles.
  • Quantifying achievements helps recruiters understand the real impact of their contributions.

2️⃣ Utilize Keywords Effectively:

  • Highlight the importance of incorporating industry-relevant keywords in their profiles.
  • This not only helps in being discovered but also aligns their profiles with the skills in demand.

3️⃣ Showcase Continuous Learning:

  • Emphasize the value of showcasing a commitment to professional development.
  • Mentioning courses, certifications, or ongoing learning initiatives can be a differentiator.

4️⃣ Craft a Skills-Centric Summary:

  • Suggest candidates start their profile with a brief, impactful summary emphasizing key skills.
  • This immediately captures attention and sets the tone for the rest of the profile.

5️⃣ Seek Endorsements:

  • Encourage candidates to request endorsements from colleagues, supervisors, or clients.
  • This adds credibility to their skills and provides social proof of their expertise.

🌐 The Future of Hiring

As we navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition, it's evident that skills-based hiring is here to stay. Let's continue this dialogue and explore innovative ways to connect the right skills with the right opportunities. What are your thoughts on enhancing the candidate experience in a skills-centric world? 🔍💬

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Catch Nicky's thought leadership, beginning at 22:10, as she explores how organizations are navigating these challenges in the current demanding market.