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Social Mobility - how do we ensure that UK Inc remains focused?

Last week we confirmed that we were successful in being included in the Social Mobility Foundation Employers Index.  We were delighted to have improved our position compared to the index in 2022, by moving up to 39 in the Top 75 list.  

Social Mobility has been a priority for us for the last few years and we have a robust plan to take forward, including supporting our clients in progressing their strategies.  However, The Guardian newspaper in it's September 2023 article, indicated that social mobility in the UK, was at it's worst in over 50 years.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies, said that those growing up in the North Of England, the Midlands as well of those from a minority ethnic background, would find it a lot harder than others to become wealthier than their parents.

It's disappointing to read this article, given the focus we have seen on social mobility.  So, what key actions should companies be undertaking to demonstrate a commitment to social mobility?

  • Data collection of colleagues to understand the socioeconomic profile of the workforce
  • Commitment to measure class pay gap
  • Review of approach to existing recruitment processes, seeking to hire on potential, rather than a focus on grades and University institution
  • Active engagement with community groups in social mobility hot spot areas to target under-represented talent
  • Establish a social mobility employee resource group to provide an employee led approach on this important topic

We need to see further adoption of social mobility programmes across all UK industry sectors which will help to drive improvements for those whose longer term aspirations are more limited.

Britain has a problem – compared with other developed nations, we have high levels of child poverty and low levels of social mobility.


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