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Nobel economics prize awarded to Claudia Goldin, for her work on women's employment and pay.

This year's Laureate in the Economic Sciences has provided the first ever comprehensive account of women's earnings and labour market participation through the centuries.

Claudia Goldin, an American economic historian and Harvard Professor, has helped us understand how women's participation in the labour market has changed across 200 years of US economic history. Goldin's groundbreaking examination of the key enablers and macro drivers for these changes, named the rise of the services industry, access to contraception or access to education as central to the changing role of women in the economy.

Her analysis informs the main reasons for the current gender pay gap and helps societies, policy-makers and private companies create policy and frameworks to help women participate in the labour market on equal terms. 

AMS Women ERG aims at supporting our company goals of increasing the gender balance at all levels of the career ladder. We want to create a platform for women to connect and learn from each other so that they can feel the support in advancing their careers not only by ensuring we have the right policies in place, but also influencing the AMS culture through inclusive leadership of our executive team, our ERG members and allies.

Goldin, 77, a tenured professor at Harvard since 1989, is the third woman to win the Nobel economics prize and the first not to share the award with male colleagues.

Understanding women’s role in the labour is important for society. Thanks to Claudia Goldin’s groundbreaking research we now know much more about the underlying factors and which barriers may need to be addressed in the future,” says Jakob Svensson, Chair of the Committee for the Prize in Economic Sciences.


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