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Waning interest in companies' DEI commitments?

Recently there has been much coverage in the press and social media channels on this topic.    Hiring in new senior DEI roles and investment in DEI initiatives increased following George Floyd's murder, but this is now falling in the face of current economic and political pressures.

In the US specifically, DEI Leaders at Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros Discovery and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences have resigned or been let go in recent weeks.

This FT article also references that DEI Leaders are feeling fatigued as they are not given adequate resources or investment to enable them to deliver against the commitments being made by the business.

Current political pressures are also having an impact on companies' commitments - the decision by the Supreme Court in the USA to overturn affirmative action in college hiring has sent shockwaves across the country.  Whilst only limited to college hiring, there is much debate about how this may impact DEI commitments and programmes in US organisations.

So, what does all of this mean...…from my perspective?

  1. DEI continues to be a key focus for us at AMS, our colleagues expect us to prioritise it and we are leading the way in our sector with our approach
  2. We know that for many of our clients, DEI continues to be a strategic enabler and we are supporting them to achieve their DEI goals via our outsourcing / advisory relationships
  3. Political pressures will create added challenges for DEI, but it is imperative that company Boards continue to prioritise investment and commitments to DEI goals and programmes
  4. Those organisations who convey a strong commitment to DEI via their EVPs, will succeed in hiring the scarce skills and under-represented talent that will drive future growth for the business

If you are looking for a boost in how to drive change in your DEI outcomes through talent acquisition, then come and talk to us at AMS.  We can share how we are effecting change across our own business as well as sharing practical solutions that you can embed in your businesses.

The exits of several high-profile US diversity executives are fuelling concerns over corporate America’s commitment to racial equity in the face of tougher economic and political conditions.


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