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| 1 minute read

"Fish out of water"

Earlier this morning our EMEA diversity team facilitated a rich and engaging discussion on cultural diversity.  We had such a diverse group of panelists including a French man living in Japan, a Syrian man living in Sweden and a Nigerian born, American woman now living in Germany.  What a melting pot of different experiences and perspectives! It's one of the primary reasons I work at  AMS, to have the opportunity to interact with colleagues who I learn from, and challenge my way of doing things!

The panel all shared their "fish out of water" moments  - those situations that we have all experienced that jar with our cultural norms - fascinating!

The panel then shared their practical tips for how to improve cultural awareness, communication and inclusive thinking.  The top 5 for me include:

  1. Reflect on how you communicate and the impact that this has on others around you
  2. Be curious and open, be flexible and have a learning mindset
  3. Be conscious of time-zones, significant international dates and holidays
  4. Be empathetic and put yourself in the other person's shoes
  5. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone

The list could go on!  Whether you work in a global business or not, you will undoubtedly interact with different cultures throughout your life.  I would love to hear about your perspectives and experiences on how you approach cultural diversity as well as your "fish out of water" moments!

What is cultural diversity? Culture is what shapes us, it is the reason we have certain beliefs, influences how we behave and is what gives us our identity. Cultural diversity is the representation of different cultural and ethnic groups in society.


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