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The UK needs to talk about why social mobility and social value matter

We recently received the fantastic news that AMS have been recognised as one of the Top 75 employers in this year’s Social Mobility employer index. We were delighted to see that our increased commitment around Social Mobility has been recognised, but we know we still have a long way to go.

So, why is Social Mobility and more broadly Social Value important and why do we need to keep it on the workplace agenda?  

In our latest AMS Catalyst Story, The UK needs to talk about why social mobility and Social value matter, we explore how having a positive and lasting impact on society is of course the right thing but there can also be real commercial value in social value.

Research by the Social Mobility Foundation found that working class professionals earn an average of £6,718 less than their middle class peers - a pay gap of 13%. This means underprivileged professionals essentially work 13% of the year for nothing - almost one day in every seven.


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