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What does belonging mean to you?

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating our 8th global DEI & Citizenship week.  It's an opportunity for our colleagues to come together to share, engage, learn and challenge each other around DEI & Citizenship.

This year our theme for the week is Belonging.  As a business we have worked hard to ensure that we create an environment, where anyone irrespective of their difference can come to AMS and feel welcomed, included and feel that they belong.

According to Oxford Languages, the definition of belonging is "an affinity for a place or situation".

The Forbes article linked to this blog indicates that whilst many organsiations are prioritising their DEI initiatives, this does not mean that it will necessarily drive an increased feeling of belonging.  There is a need to link DEI efforts with employee engagement particularly in this post pandemic world of work.

Over the course of our DEI week we will be exploring in more detail what belonging means to our colleagues.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you on what belonging means to you.


Belonging Is Key To DEI At the heart of the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) movement is the premise that all individuals have the right to be treated fairly and to participate fully in the workplace.


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