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The ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ inclusion globally

As I reflect on the positivity of my Pride experiences in London and Gdansk this year, I'm saddened to read this BBC article about the continued plight of those in the LGBTQ+ community who are being persecuted in Afghanistan.  

The overall statistics are telling - 70 countries still criminalise private, consensual, same sex activity and in 11 of these countries they have jurisdictions where the death penalty can be imposed for private, consensual same-sex sexual activity  - including Afghanistan.

So, when we are asked why the LGBTQ+ community feel the need to celebrate Pride, it's pretty obvious! 

As a business, LGBTQ+ inclusion is a priority for AMS and we are working hard across all of our regions to ensure that everyone in our LGBTQ+ community feels supported and can bring their authentic selves to work.

"They said they were going to look for LGBT+ people. They had names, they had addresses, they were searching homes, stopping people on the street."


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