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AMS pilot to hire neurodiverse talent in the UK

Here at AMS we are proud of the focus that we have on developing a more inclusive approach to hiring neurodiverse colleagues.

Last year we worked in partnership with the National Autistic Society in the UK on a neurodiversity hiring pilot in our Belfast Centre.  We were successfully guided through the process by their Engagement Manager and Job Coach.  We selected two roles - one in our Insights team and the other in our Technology team.

We successfully hired two neurodiverse candidates and since joining the business in Autumn 2021, they have gone on to become valuable team members and permanent employees.

We are committed to extending our pilot further in the UK as well as other countries, to enhance our neurodiversity inclusion proposition.  For further details on our pilot, please read through our attached case study.

In 2021, AMS partnered with UK's National Autistic Society’s Autism at Work programme to help close the autism employment gap by ring-fencing two roles in its Global Client Service Centre in Belfast for autistic candidates. Since joining the programme, AMS has hired two autistic employees on permanent contracts.


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