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July is Disability Pride month

I have to say that I did not know this, it only came to light last week when our Disability ERG Lead suggested that it should be a focus for us on our DEI calendar of events next year.  Having done some further reading on this (via The Valuable 500), I was fascinated to understand that there is a flag dedicated to Disability Pride, created by Ann Magill.  Refer to the attached article to understand more about this.

Disability Pride is all about celebrating those who are disabled or who live with long term health conditions.  It's about shining a light and creating a sense of pride for those who have previously faced discrimination or challenges related to their disabilities.

Let's all make a commitment for elevating Disability Pride so that it gets the appropriate recognition and support it deserves!

July is Disability Pride Month. If you didn’t know that, to be honest we’re not surprised! Even though it’s been celebrated by some members of the disability community for over 30 years, even most disabled people still aren’t aware of its existence.


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