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How women broke in to the boardroom

The 30% club was set up 10 years ago when female representation at Board level in UK plc was only around 12%, the figure is now nearer 40%!

We have much to celebrate and give thanks to those who have helped to drive for change - including the original founder Baroness Helena Helen Morrissey and the current global Chair, Ann Cairns.

Mentoring has been at the heart of the 30% Club programme over the years.  At AMS we have also seen the positive impact of different mentoring programmes and how these can support under-represented talent.  We are taking it one step further this year with a move in to sponsorship as a way of our senior leaders more actively supporting our under-represented talent.

We need to continue to drive for change and ensure that the glass ceiling is removed for senior female talent to be able to progress in to all Board level positions, especially CEO and Chair roles.

I'm looking forward to marking the success of the 30% Club, by joining a large group of alumni of the 30% Club mentoring scheme, at the London Stock Exchange, at market close this Wednesday, 13th July. 

The 30% Club, a scheme aimed at increasing the number of women on company boards, is 10 years old. How much has it achieved?


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