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The "Great Resignation" or the "Great Aspiration"?

I agree with Whitney Johnson who has written this great article in the Harvard Business Review. People are not "resigning"......they are "aspiring"! 

Whilst it is of course true that the pandemic has forced many of us to re-align priorities in life, be they family-related or otherwise, one clear impact is that people are deciding to do things that are different - that are more closely aligned to what they want to do longer term and what they need to do, to be content and happy. They are "aspiring" and not "resigning".

A note of caution though. If you are one of these "aspirers" then please be sure to think carefully and ask yourselves;

- Is what you are aspiring to do and be, achievable? How can you test to see if it is?

- At what cost? Is what you aspire to do worth the price?

- Does what you aspire to be doing truly align with your values as a person?

As Whitney points out, whilst the 'Great Aspiration" is leading to lots of churn and associated challenges, with it comes enormous opportunities. For those organizations that are purpose-led, focused on well-being of their staff, offer development opportunities to aspire to and who have a compelling and well thought out strategy to succeed, this new talent pool of "aspirers" is a real gold-mine. At AMS, we hope to take full advantage of this opportunity for not only ourselves but all of our clients!   


The “Great Resignation” Is a Misnomer


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