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AMS Barcelona - a new talent hub

I have been completely inspired by my time spent with some of our AMS Spain Recruiters and Academy trainees in our Barcelona office this week. The energy, passion and delight they have for their new careers, training, client and AMS team partnerships has been one of my highlights of 2022. We have team members from Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Mexico slipping fluently between 2,3 and 4 languages each. I am completely convinced we have secured incredible talent whose curiosity, confidence and enormous appetite for learning will bring us new AMS leaders of the future. Gracias to Tiago Chapelas and the whole Spanish team for making me so welcome....until next time!

In response to increasing demand across EMEA, global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, AMS (formerly Alexander Mann Solutions), has expanded its footprint across the region, opening two new AMS offices in Barcelona and Budapest, while also increasing its office space in Berlin.


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