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Realising the value in Services Procurement

AMS is delighted to sponsor this year’s SIA CWS Summit Europe, with sessions focussing on the theme, Emerging Strategies for Talent, Technology & Risk.

In addition to our Session, In an age of constant change, we bring you True Workforce Dexterity, we will be hosting a series of topical workshops in our AMS private meeting room. We welcome you to join any or all of the workshops that are of interest to you – please reserve your place at

I will be sharing with you my thoughts on realising the value in Services Procurement, alongside a practical demonstration of how technology can start to address one of the most challenging aspects.

We look forward to seeing you!

Incorporation of Services Procurement into Contingent Labour programmes to develop a complete external workforce view is nothing new. What is not as well-developed is the depth of management applied across constituent elements of the Services Procurement process.


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