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| 1 minute read

Bring on the Summer.....

As the "Great Resignation" focus shifts to "The Great Retention" this idea from PWC, as part of their more flexible approach to work "The Deal", shows that you don't have to create complex reward and recognition structures to have a really positive impact on employee perception and wellbeing.

The idea? To give staff who want it Friday afternoons off through the summer. Simple. The only caveat being that staff have done the work they need to through the week. 

Their internal feedback on its impact on employee wellbeing has been hugely positive and overall internal perception of the scheme is that it hasn't had negative impact on performance and productivity. Quite the opposite.... And all it takes is a little trust and respect between employer and employee and you have another way to improve engagement and connection.

Most savvy employers are putting wellbeing at the heart of their redefined Employee Experience with programmes focussed on the broad spectrum of physical, social, occupational, emotional/mental, financial and spiritual dimensions. Speaking as a Talent Acquisition specialist, I can say it's a genuine pleasure working with businesses that recognise the importance of this and who try to live and breathe those commitments. It certainly makes me feel positive about the connections we make between those organisations and their future talent....

If Covid has given us anything, it has fundamentally reduced the gap between what employees' value and what employers are offering. And let's face it, it's good business. Higher wellness and engagement = increased productivity and lower attrition. And with the global Corporate Wellness Market set to reach $87bn in value by 2026, it's an excellent business in and of itself. 

Time to get to work on my own leadership about that summertime flexibility!

“We knew summer working hours would be popular with our people, but the positive impact on wellbeing surpassed expectations. Not everyone could take every Friday, but they benefited from less email traffic when they did and a chance to switch off properly


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