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Leveraging internal mobility to tackle the "Great Resignation"

Research shows that 32% of employees are searching outside of their organisations first for new positions, sensing that career development and acceleration will be a more straight forward route than in their current company.

Retaining top talent is achievable through open, transparent and structured internal mobility programmes, underpinned by robust communication.

Gartner quotes a stigma around internal mobility, with employees wary of informing current line managers of their desires to move and progress, in addition to feeling bound by company process and policy.  Sponsorship from leadership to encourage movement across the organisation is critical, as well as transparency on roles and visibility of career paths.  

Given today's market challenges of skills shortages, the need to reskill and upskill, in addition to the competitive landscape for talent, should we not all be focusing on our internal population, their career goals and ambitions?  

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Barriers to internal mobility contribute to employee perception that it is easier to achieve professional growth outside the organization, which is a key driver of attrition


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