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Many Black employees prefer working from home

ResearchNBC News, Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post) highlights this reality. Why is working from home so strongly preferred by People of Color? Because, in addition to the obvious benefits it affords, including better work/life integration and escaping commutes, Bloomberg reports that Black employees in particular feel "more valued and supported" when working from home than in offices where they experience microaggressions and a low sense of belonging. For employers, this means an increased focus on location flexibility is key, as is improving belonging by attending to the culture to reduce microaggressions.

from the Future Forum (Slack) found that a whopping 97% of Black professionals want a hybrid or fully remote work model going forward (as compared to 79% for their White counterparts). Significant news coverage (

Such freedom matters to all but “makes the most significant difference for underrepresented and historically marginalized populations,” the Future Forum survey found.


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