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How upskilling is helping organisations tackle the Great Resignation

As businesses feel the pinch of the Great Resignation there are three benefits to using upskilling and reskilling as tools in the toolbox of retention:

  1. It truly allows a business to widen the pool of talent they hire from. 
  2. It is brilliant for supporting DE&I aspirations.
  3. It allows businesses to retain loyal talent needing a change in career direction. 

With effective programmes as well as opportunities to have career conversations in place, employees don't need to move companies to attain their career goals.  

Nearly half (45%) of Brits are taking additional steps to upskill in the hope of changing career. Whilst high amongst those aged 25 to 44, the report also found one in five workers over the age of 55 are considering a career change too, showing the scale of the resignation isn’t just impacting the young.


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