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| 1 minute read

Reflections on Direct Sourcing Webinar & Skills Based Enablement

I took part in the TALENTBELT - Home Direct Sourcing Winter Webinar hosted by Brian McGuire this week, the topic was the Evolution of Talent Curation. I was joined on the panel by experts from Raise, Tapfin and TalentFusion. 

It was a great discussion and I was struck by 1) how many people and organizations joined but 2) by just how much the Direct Sourcing subject has matured across the US. Don't get me wrong, there is still a huge amount of education and understanding needed across the industry certainly when compared to super mature MSP programs, but the level of awareness and detail of discussion has without doubt shifted. Of course, this is a good thing in my view and matches what we are seeing with more organizations wanting to discuss the “Art of the Possible” when it comes to Direct Sourcing. 

We also spoke about the metrics needed to measure and monitor a successful program, how technology needs to enable these metrics and the importance of maintaining touch points with the talent community. 

Then the topic of Skills Based hiring came up. After I defined what this was, we concluded that Direct Sourcing programs are a fantastic way for organizations to put into practice a skill based hiring approach. When you add this to the trend of more and more HR and TA functions becoming involved in contingent labor strategy - you have a powerful strategic game changer to discuss with your business. 

For anybody interested, you can register and watch the recording here:


Direct Sourcing is the enabler for Skill Based Hiring