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| 1 minute read

Excited about the momentum behind Gen AI?

Looking forward to this discussion. Without revealing my age, I am not what is commonly considered a “digital native," though I've always felt like one in spirit. While I like paper books, I've embraced digital formats, I spent the early 2,000s in Japan and had video and camera phones before my friends back in the US moved on from monotone screened cell phones. 

I have been waiting for the hype around Chat GPT to have a meaningful impact on the way I work and feel now more than ever that we're about to take a life changing leap forward. 

There are a few upcoming events in Europe (where I have been based for the last 17 years) about Digital Transformation of the workforce and it's made me reflect on how far we've come on this journey, that we've been commenting on the exponential pace of change for what feels like a decade and it's about to get faster. 

I am so pleased I made the decision to change my career path in 2007 to move into the tech space - never a dull moment and lots of scope for aspiring and seasoned technologists here at AMS!

In this session, Alexia Cambon, Global Director of Research at Microsoft will discuss the methodology and insights from Microsoft research on generative AI.