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Latin America: The fastest-growing region in the world for venture funding

The Latin American region is officially bouncing back from the pandemic. More international investors are entering the Latin American startup space and are changing the culture around risk-taking and are willing to make bets on larger growth/profitability even in the longer term.

Latin American companies are more willing to expand internationally and are aggressively expanding their footprints outside their local markets throughout Latin America, especially in larger markets/populations such as Brazil with 212 million population and Mexico with 130 million.

Foreign investors are leading the way in the region and it will be very interesting to see if local governments invest more in research and development above the 0.6% average annual GDP investment across Latin American countries.

At first, I couldn’t believe it when I read this new — and little-known — statistic: Latin America is the world’s most rapidly growing region when it comes to the funding of startup companies.


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