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| 1 minute read

Using innovation to drive greater inclusion

The pace of technology change and adoption is fast changing how we as consumers interact with consumer led businesses. For example, technology has fundamentally changed the way that I interact with my bank - I can't remember the last time I walked into a branch - I manage all of my personal banking through an app on the phone.

Organisations need to continue to drive greater inclusion for all - especially those in lower socio-economic levels.  We have seen during the pandemic that children from poorer households have struggled to access online learning resources compared to those in higher socio economic levels.

Driving a robust innovation strategy makes good commercial sense, the quote from this linked article is very compelling:

"Roughly 1.85 billion people with $1.9 trillion in annual disposable income comprise the “disability market”—a market the size of China and the European Union. If you innovate for those with differing abilities, your innovation is more inclusive of broader groups such as the elderly, improving the overall experience for all users".

As a global TA RPO and advisory, innovation is key to how we deliver services to our clients.  It's also a key enabler for delivering greater access and inclusion. We'd love to hear from you, please get in touch with any thoughts or feedback you have.

Most successful innovations have come from brands that have figured out how to mix multi-disciplinary thinkers for breakthrough ideas. The next wave of meaningful innovation is rooted in inclusion


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