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What is Human Centered Talent Acquisition All About?

Meeting the demands of today’s job market requires a new mindset for companies, one that involves more than legacy recruiting practices and traditional talent pools. Succeeding requires organizations to focus on rethinking TA as a business capability: hiring must be strategic, creative, and deeply human-centered. Companies must go beyond the conventional borders of recruiting and flex new muscles in internal mobility, gig and contract employment, job architecture, and diverse and inclusive recruiting.  

As HR leaders, we know that hiring is devilishly complex, The Josh Bersin Company  created a framework to simplify the problem and identify what matters most. Their Talent Acquisition Framework is based on conversations with CHROs, business leaders, and heads of recruiting at leading companies around the world. It’s designed to help you zero in on the most essential ways to enable your organization to thrive in the new labor market.

Our TA research is based on a year long analysis of organizational hiring trends, worker sentiment and next-gen talent acquisition practices. We’ve talked with HR and business execs in our Big Reset community, interviewed dozens of TA leaders, surveyed more than 600 organizations across multiple industries, and studied global workforce intelligence data to uncover the answers.


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