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The shortage of recruiters is the most pressing issue in the talent acquisition industry right now

Talent acquisition teams are feeling the change in the industry which includes the pace of change with enabling technologies, the demand to pivot to non-traditional sourcing methods and changes in the labour market. 

In this revived war for talent, companies need to pivot to focus on new and non-traditional acquisition strategies. Three examples of these are: 

  1. Hiring for potential not skills via hire/train/deploy programmes and upskilling existing employees, 
  2. a razor focus on employer brand where company values are amplified authentically and 
  3. a recognition that values are the new currency.   
No wonder only 14 percent of the HR leaders we surveyed reached 100 percent of their hiring goals last year. A lack of recruiters is a particularly troubling problem to have, as it can affect the operations of the rest of the organization. HR leaders should be giving this challenge as much attention as they can right now.


talent acquisition, upskilling, employer brand

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